About Jim

I am a photo-documentary and event photographer based in West Hartford, Connecticut. My passion is helping people memorialize important life events through the art of photography.

I specialize in capturing candid, space, and detail photos of a wide range of events from weddings, corporate events, political and business conferences, influencer events, private parties, trade shows, PR events, fund raisers, holiday parties, product launches, charity events and more.

For photo coverage of your next event or special occasion, please email me or give me a call on my cell phone at 860-878-7757.

Jim's Photographic Style

For me, it’s all about story telling. Important events typically involve a whirlwind of emotion, laughter, and a little bit of chaos. I document all of these moments because I think it’s what makes every event so wonderful and unique.

I’m fascinated by people and how they interact – with their eyes, their hands, their conversations – and photography gives me the opportunity to observe and capture all of it.

As it is with life, all the best stories evolve organically. As much as events can be well-rehearsed and neatly prepared, they all share moments of spontaneity and surprise. These moments of pure unfiltered emotions coupled with unconstrained jubilation are what make each and every event so wonderful to photograph.

My individual style means that I’m commissioned by those wanting stylish, relaxed and natural photographs with a minimum of posing and those seeking a more artistic documentary approach to their event photography.
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